Fantastically Wonderful Cookie Recipes

Did you ever wonder where you could get some fantastic cookie recipes like mom and gram had made when you were a child, no matter how hard you try to reproduce these great old treats they just don't seem to come out right, mom and gram had learned to make these cookie recipe by watching someone over and over for a long time but today with everyone being on the internet you can find as many fantastic cookie recipes that you like.

There are at least ten basic types of cookie recipes, you have bar cookies, drop cookies, cut out cookies, filled cookies, fried cookies, molded cookies, no-bake cookies, pressed cookies, refrigerator cookies, and of course diet cookies, these cookies can be easily found just by doing a search for one of these particular cookie recipes and you will probably find some that you can call your favorite. Diet cookies are the favorite of people that cannot have sugar because they do not want to worry about their glycemic index or carbohydrate intake and most of all the calories that people are always watching for.

You can also make up some beautiful cookie trays for gift giving at holiday time but you need to learn to make five or six different cookie recipes so you can have a good variety of cookies on your tray. You can also make up a small book of cookie recipes to go with your cookie tray, your friends and family will say how innovative you are for thinking of such a fine gift, your friends and family will also have a lot of fun through the remainder of the year testing for themselves these wonderful cookie recipes.